Ko Lanta also know as the hub of Andaman Sea because of the ideal location which is the center to travel around the area.

Around one hours by ferry direct west side is the Ko Phi Phi; the world famous tourist destination island. One hour at the south, can found the real unspoiled twin island name Ko Rok; the most beautiful beach and paradise of skin diving. Go futher from Ko Rok, the two world famous dive sites located call Hin Daeng-Hin Muong and Ko Ha. Very near Ko Lanta on the south-east side have Ko Ngai, Ko Kradan, Ko Cheak and Ko Muk where can found many nice beachs, snorkelling site and the famouse Emeral Cave. At the east side is Ko Lanta Noi, the way to mainland. Here you can travel to Hot Spring Fall and Crystal Pool the real miracle of nature.



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