Ko Lanta National Park include many well known islands as Ko Lanta Yai, Ko Lanta Noi, Ko Talalabeng, Ko Ha, Ko Ngai, Ko Rok and more than 10 off shore islands nearby.. The overall area still rich of unspoiled nature with the tropical rainforest and beautiful beach.

Ko Lanta Yai or Ko Lanta (short name) is the first and main place to access from Krabi or Phi Phi by ferry. Here is the center for travelling around the area which all the resort and commercial were located.

Ko Lanta character like the long island with around 40 kilometers longs and around 6 kilometers wide. The east side of the island is the mountian covered with the tropicle rainforest and slove down to the flat land of west side where many village and beaches located. There are six beaches along the west coste from north to south.


Ko Lanta National Park


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